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Free Delivery to UK Mainland on orders over £35

Mildly Saline


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Ever heard of a salt lick? It’s a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to supplements their nutrition. Well, our brewers have one in their office and (PRE COVID TIMES) invited all new guests to partake in the tradition of licking the salt rock upon arrival!! ..animals right?

TASTING NOTES                                                                                                                    Kolsch, an ale fermented like a lager. This hybrid has a delicate apple and spice nose, a light biscuity base and a really dry finish. Theres a hint of smoked sea salt which softens the whole beer which is perfect meals.

WITH FOOD                                                                                                                            Fresh pear or apple salad, homemade pizza, focaccias with roasted veg.

Allergens                                                                                                                          Barley gluten